Charts, maps, videos, links and more provide you with basic information to study Psalms.

Education materials include:

  • Bird's-eye Bible Brief: Psalms
  • Overview audio of Psalms from Got Questions
  • Interactive Psalms geography map
  • Overview video of Psalms from The Bible Project
  • Psalms Charts
  • Children's material for Psalms study

Birds Eye ViewBible Brief: Psalms



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Meaning of Psalms

The Book of Praises


David, Asaph, Korahites, Solomon, Moses, Ethan, Anonymous

Date Written Over 1000 years (Moses - Ezra ~ 1400 - 400 BC)
Key Verse(s) Psalm 19:1
Audience Israel

Individual or communal praise and worship to God



The heavens are telling of the glory of God;

And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

- Psalm 19:1


Psalms Overview Audio

Author, Date, Purpose, Key Verses
Brief Summary, Foreshadowings, Practical Applications


Click the icon to hear a 5:37 audio of Psalms summary information from Got Questions:

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 Psalms Locations







Psalms Overview Video

Psalms 1- 150


Click the icon to watch an 8:58 video 

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Psalms Charts

Authorship of Psalms


Types of Psalms


Images of God in the Psalms


Musical Instruments in the Psalms






Psalms Overview Poster from The Bible Project

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Click the icon above to download the Psalms poster from The Bible Project. Use the picture as an overview of the book as you study.

Additionally, you may use it as a coloring page for children.




Children's material: Psalms

Use these pages to reinforce Bible teachings with children. 


Psalm 8 - The Lord's Glory and Man's Dignity

Psalm 95 - Worship and Warning

Psalm 100 - All Men Exhorted to Praise God

Psalm 104 - Creator and Sustainer

Psalm 107 - Let the Redeemed Say So

Psalm 117 - The Gentiles Glorify God

Psalm 119:105 - God's Word as Light and Lamp

Psalm 147 - Jerusalem Restored - Praise God!

Psalm 148 - Creation's Choir



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