Eternal Ministries was established in 1999 by Ron J Bigalke as a missionary organization dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of grace & systematically teaching the Word of God. The ministry functions as the discipleship and evangelistic outreach of Ron and his wife Kristin working through the advisory of Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Eternal Ministries is a biblical resource for literature, teaching, training, Bible seminars, and conferences.

RB BioRon J. Bigalke

Ron J. Bigalke (BS; MApol; MTS; MDiv; Ph.D.) is the Georgia State Minister with Capitol Commission and missionary with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Dr. Bigalke has more than twenty years of experience in numerous discipleship and evangelistic ministries. He has instructed courses for Moody Bible Institute and Tyndale Theological Seminary. His church and leadership experience includes conference speaking, pastoral ministry, pulpit ministry, and youth ministry. Dr. Bigalke is an ordained minister, and partner of apologetics evangelism (on the topic of New Age) with the North American Mission Board, SBC. His teaching experience also includes service as secondary teacher and administrator, in addition to service on several school boards. Dr. Bigalke is a frequent contributor to various publications, such as journal, newsletter, reference work (encyclopedias), and web articles, in addition to being the general editor of four books. His current work encompasses apologetics, biblical studies, ecclesiastic thought, historiography, political theory and theology. Dr. Bigalke is also a member of several Christian professional societies. His undying commitment is to the preservation and promotion of biblical, conservative, evangelical theology in the life of the church. Please visit the following link to read a 2016 detailed interview and biography of Dr. Bigalke.

Dr. Bigalke has been highlighted frequently in media for his biblical expertise, which includes being interviewed for television and as the featured guest on several radio talk shows. As a speaker in assemblies, churches, and various events, he endeavors to proclaim the gospel message, be a witness to biblical truth, and to systematically teach the Word of God!

KB BioKristin J. Bigalke

Kristin J. Bigalke (BS; MBA; PharmD) is a child of the eternal God, wife to an amazing husband, homeschooling mother of two marvelous blessings who still practices clinical pharmacy from time to time. Dr. Bigalke has a passion for life-long education through the Bible's lens, using all seven classical tools of learning. Her desire is to clearly communicate how every aspect of life can be viewed and accomplished in light of the 66 books of God's Holy Word.






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