When the Riders of Apocalypse Come Forth


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Revelation Hoofbeats

Revelation Hoofbeats is a compilation work by eighteen authorities in the field of Bible prophecy (some internationally known). The book starts with an essay on "Hoofbeats of the Apocalypse" by the general editor. It is then divided into three sections: "The Communication of Prophecy," "The Nations in Prophecy," and "The Movement of Prophecy." The conclusion, "Living in Light of Bible Prophecy," is also written by the general editor. All the authors are careful in saying that Bible prophecy is not being fulfilled today, but "God is setting the stage for key players and events that will be in place when the riders of Apocalypse come forth." None of the authors set dates for prophetic events. It is a very straightforward work and all the authors exercise extreme care in communicating the Holy Bible.