Psalm 12 was likely sung in worship on the eighth day of the Feast of Tabernacles. It is a reminder of God's protection for His people, as they live in the midst of an ungodly society.

David composed this psalm in recognition of the solemn reality that believers are often outnumbered in this fallen world. Consequently, those who would live godly often encounter unyielding opposition to the commands and doctrines of Scripture.


If the godly are to be victorious, they must call upon the Lord, because only He can protect the godly when they are the minority among the ungodly.


Psalm 12 may be outlined as follows:


12:1-2 - The Christian's Distress

12:3-4 - The Christian's Dependence

12:5 - The Christian's Defense

12:6 - The Christian's Deliverance

12:7-8 - The Christian's Disposition


Now you know well that every wise workman takes his tools away from the work from time to time, that they may be ground and sharpened; so does the only-wise Jehovah take his ministers oftentimes away into darkness and loneliness and trouble, that he may sharpen and prepare them for harder work in his service [cf. Phil 1:12-14]

- Andrew A. Bonar, 1849



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Although this article was originally published in the Midnight Call Magazine on January 2012, it's still applicable for life and godliness today!


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