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Education materials include:

  • Bird's-eye Bible Brief: Ecclesiastes
  • Overview audio of Ecclesiastes from Got Questions
  • Interactive Ecclesiastes geography map
  • Overview videos of Ecclesiastes from The Bible Project
  • Children's material - Coloring page & word searches

Birds Eye ViewBible Brief: Ecclesiastes



Message of Ecclesiastes

Life perspective to live in obedience to God



Date Written c. 935 BC
Key Verse(s) Ecclesiastes 1:2, 1:18, 2:11, 12:1, 12:13
Audience All believers throughout history
Theme(s) All is vanity; Enjoy life to its fullest; The wise obey God



"Vanity of vanities,' says the Preacher,

'Vanity of vanities!

All is vanity.'"

-Ecclesiastes 1: 2



Ecclesiastes Overview Audio

Author, Date, Purpose, Key Verses
Brief Summary, Connections, Practical Application


Click the icon to hear a 5:38 audio of Ecclesiastes summary information from Got Questions:

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Ecclesiastes Locations




"I considered all my activities

which my hands had done

and the labor which I had exerted,

and behold all was vanity

and striving after wind

and there was no profit under the sun."

-Ecclesiastes 2: 11


Ecclesiastes Overview Video

Ecclesiastes 1- 12


Click the icon to watch a 8:01 video 

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Ecclesiastes Overview Poster from The Bible Project

Poster Ecclesiastes 


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Click the icon above to download the poster, which is the completed image from the video.

Use the picture as an overview of the book as you study.

Additionally, you may use it as a coloring page for children.


"The conclusion, when all has been heard, is:

fear God and keep His commandments,

because this applies to every person."

-Ecclesiastes 12: 13


Children's material: Ecclesiastes


Ecclesiastes - Coloring Page 

Ecclesiastes - Word Searches 


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