Clarifying the Circumstances of Jesus' Birth by Dr. Ron J. Bigalke, December 2016, Midnight Call Magazine

Emperor Constantine assumed power over the Roman Empire in AD 306. A major development in the history of the Christian faith occurred in the fourth century, with Emperor Constantine’s “acceptance” of Christianity in AD 312.The previous Emperors, Decius and Diocletian, had brutally suppressed the church by burning Bibles, destroying church buildings, and executing believers. Regarded as the thirteenth apostle by Eusebius, Constantine ended the persecution of Christians.

Battling Depression by Dr. Ron J. Bigalke I Kings Daniel October 2016 Midnight Call

Depression is not uncommon among those who are followers of God. Sometimes discouragement results through no fault of oneself, as it can arise due to physical exhaustion and a weakening of emotional stamina. Grave distresses or disturbances in life may create feelings of anxiety or entrapment. Confession may not even be pertinent if the depression is not the outcome of sin.

Three Wishes, Biblical Priorities by Dr. Ron J. Bigalke, Midnight Call

Charles Perrault’s tale, “The Three Wishes,” begins with a woodcutter who is preparing to chop down a tree. However, the tree is home to an elf, who promises three wishes to the woodcutter, if the man will spare the tree. The woodcutter waits until dinnertime with his wife to reveal the good news regarding the elf’s three wishes. Without thinking, the woodcutter’s wife took a sip of her wine and said, “I wish I had a string of sausages to go with it.”

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